Norman's Story

"Pleased to meet ya, folks, my name is Norman..."

"Life can be as simple as you decide to make it. And I've always believed that country music should be that way, too..."

~ Norman Borland ~ 


When it comes to Norman Borland, the quote above pretty much sums the man up. Life, and indeed, country music, are both as simple as you decide to make them.

Off-stage, what that means for Norman is living by what some might think are old-fashioned ways for this day and age. But Norman would argue - and rightly so - that things like good manners, saying please and thank-you, holding a door open for someone, saying hello to a stranger, and generally just treating people with kindness and respect, well, those kinds of things can never go out of style. So whatever about anyone else, that's Norman's style anyway.

Be kind, show love. Simple. 

And on-stage, it's just as simple. The great American country songwriter Harlan Howard is often credited with describing country music as being, "three chords and the truth".

Norman is of the same school. A song with a story that makes you want to laugh, maybe cry, and maybe grab a beer with your buddies along the way, combined with a melody that stays in your head for hours and summons you to the dancefloor...that's all you need. 

With good friends, and good is good. Simple.